I love arriving at the Sunday Market at Orenco Station because the smells of freshly cut flowers meld with the scents of Kettle corn, tacos, and an array of spices emerge.  The freshly cut flowers are usually my favorite first stop to stop and shoot as many flowers as possible before the mass flux of people converge at the market.

Today was no exception, the flower bunches were extraordinary the colors allive, vivid, and at times in your face brilliant. I have only a sample of a couple bouquets here, but for a real treat, visit our web page to see just how beautiful the flowers are this year. I will likely have most of my photos that will be displayed on our web page up tomorrow. So please check things out. We are finally getting the hang of the blogging and design of a web page. But please bare with us if some kinks are still present on both accords.

While the market filled much of the parking area behind Orenco Station and New Seasons, many vendor were absent which was disappointing. Summer is not over yet people. Just because the Labor Day Weekend is next weekend the market continues through the end of October. Well, my temporary disappointment was abated by the strawberries at Unger Farms booth. It seems their farm is still producing and producing some of the best  strawberries I have ever eaten.

Unger Farms Strawberries

Some of the other produce vendors seemed to be bringing in some fabulous vegetables. Finally! This season has been so weird. Well I found this booth – Who spilled the beans? The beans looked good enough to take home. As did the number of other summer vegetables.

One of my favorite vendors Spencer the “Fun Guy” was present, he along with his mother the Pampered Chef, Julie Lockhart, with his wonderful selection of mushrooms. The small crimini mushrooms were the perfect size for skewers with some of the veggies shown above.

Crimini - Mini Bella's

The big daddy of them all this week – Spencer’s  Portabella’s. Can you Say Ginormous!


Spencer out did himself this week. This baby’s are no babies and will be great for grilling as they taste just like steak. Pour a little extra virgin olive oil on top and sprinkle with some Penzy’s Tuscan Sunset and you have a match made in heaven.

While I said that some of the staple venders were absent others favorites like LHB Jewelry  was back again. Lauren Hope displays her fine jewelry in a wonderful shop like space. She is also found on here website – I shot some of her jewelery designs a  while back and are up now on  our website in the gallery Section – Farmers Markets.

Buttons and Bow Hair Clips!


Another great vendor is Bunnies Buttons and Bows back after a short absence hopefully selling away as she brought with her less of her trendy items.  Her buttons and bows hair pieces, flip flops, and fufu skirts for little girls are truly unique and make wonderful gifts for any girl.  A few of their items are also up on our website. 



This tutu was awesome embellished with a small Oregon Duck clasp on the waistband. Go Ducks!!





I don’t want to overlook Ilona/s Bead Werk who sells classic to funky beaded necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Her eclectic jewelry is fabulous. I love it. A small sample is shown below. Not sure if she has a web page or not, but stop by her tent next weekend and check out her great jewelry.

Necklaces and bracelets











Well this is it for me for another week. If you read this and I didn’t mention you please don’t be disappointed. I can only do so much in a day. Maybe you will be the talk of the town in an upcoming week. Please check out our website and please join us for a special opening on September 8th at  Renaissance wine shopwhere my husband Lloyd and I will display our Photography work. The reception will be from 5 to 9 pm. The wine shop is situated between Natures Pet and Starbucks on Orenco Station Parkway. You can read more about it here on our blog or over on our website or stop by the wine shop for more details.  I Hope everyone has a great sunny Sunday. I will see you around with a camera in my arms.




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