Hello world!

Hello- Lloyd and Louise Edwards would like to introduce you to L & L Images through our new Blog. We also are working on our website www.landlimages.com but are experiencing  a few kinks which still need ironing before it will be sailing at 100 percent. Hopefully both will be up and running soon. Please be patient as some info may be floating somewhere in cyberspace still. If you were directed to our blog directly from our website yay!  This means we were successful in linking the two. If you arrived here indirectly yay you found us on your own. Thanks for stopping by. We hope to see and hear from you as we continue on our photographic adventure.

To begin, I am Louise, together with my husband Lloyd, we share a love and passion for photography. We both understand the thrill which hits you the instant you see the perfect subject. That mere instant, a story unfolds, one in which takes on two very unique and fascinating accounts one by Lloyd, the other – myself  – two images captured on our cameras and then transformed from digital image into visible prints. The rush is truly outstanding.

“Contrast is what makes photography interesting.” ~ Conrad Hall

Conrad Hall’s words hold true as each of us are truly uninque in our likes and dislikes of art, just enough to intrigue those around us with what we have found to be simply put – fun. In doing so, we have complied a number of our favorite photographs brought to life through our many travels from around the world available for purchase on our website (hopefully all the bugs will be stomped soon to allow this function to operate more smoothly.

Essentially, we offer a multitude of print sizes and formats including framed prints and mounted gallery canvas prints as well as image/matte/frame packages. If you are interested in a certain sizes or a particular format that is not listed when ordering, please contact us as we also provide custom fulfillment options. It is our hope you will also come to embrace the light which emanates through the lens of a camera as expressed in our photographs. I also hope to place some of our pictures from our journeys around on our blog as well. Your feedback is encouraged. But always remember, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

We also wish to take the time to mention, that each photo package purchased from us, a portion of the net sales will be garnered into a trust, with the assistance of a local physician, funds awarded toward funding research in search of a cure for progressive bulbar palsy a dreadful and incurable Motor Neuron Disease (MND), a disease, I recently learned I suffer from.

Thank you all for listening to me ramble.  I hope you will continue to read our blog and follow us on our web page on our traveling adventures where ever they may lead. Tweets and Facebookers beware as we will soon tackle those venues as well.

Best regards,


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Good Morning from LandLimages. We will start by saying blog posting is new for both Lloyd and myself (Louise), so please bare with us while we become oriented with the site and specifications for posting information. We also hope that people will actually read our blog and post their ideas and or comments.

    Today is Market day at Orenco Station! Since the Markets opened this summer L&L images has been a visible entity walking the market scene, people watching and snapping a few photos to share with others who share a similar interest. It is also our hope, that many of you, or at least a few will check out our website or contact us with requests to purchase our photos. I will begin posting some of our work as soon as I have figured out the blog.

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